Sunday, 25 September 2016

Mtv Splitsvilla 9 25th September Video Clip | Splitsvilla 9 Episode 19

Mtv Splitsvilla 9 25th September Video Clip | Splitsvilla 9 Episode 19 : Splitsvilla 9 25th Sep 2016 video, mtv splitsvilla 9 episode 19 watch, MTV Splitsvilla 9 25 September 2016 Full Episode Watch Online Free video clips, MTV Splitsvilla 9 25 September 2016 HD Episode written, What Happen next? The episode 19 of mtv splitsvilla 9 where evil queen rajnandini, Nikhil and mia they chilled out and four of this splits-villains are considered they are the strongest in this villa and stressed is out. The Bold Queen Kavya, her connection with gurmeet and her besties martina and varun. Varun and martina had lots their rask on the three different ways in the dumping ground and which pressure is on the bold kavya.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 19 Queen Kavya and Evil Queen Rajnandini get their happy ending Kavya goes to the evil queen Rajnandini to redeem herself and ask for Gurmeet to be saved and the Kavya recounts her humiliation with Rajnandini in the dumping ground. According to the book of Fortune ha spoken and it doesn’t’ have any good new for the contestants. Which pair has to dup the queens, isha and abhishek get both dumped on the zone after that they say to all goodbyes before Gurmeet gets dumped first.

In Kavya’s favour, she had no option buth rajnandini has read to take revenge from the Kavya. Queens kavya is shocked for other queen rajnandini to save the Gurmeet from the past problems after the much debate gossips karan and Gurmeet both get dumped. Again kavya gets very emotional form the gurmeet consoles at last Book of Fortune finally decides to mend some hearts in its final chapter.

Every one Surprise Archie is back! Rajnandini is happy an beaming with joy Both the Queens get their happy ending. It says If you thought Karan was going to left be alone after some time rest of the villains make their grand entry watch the mtv splitsvilla 9 25th September 2016 episode video clip and enjoy the show.
Kavya has stirred up something fun on Splitsvilla 9 Watch this revelation with Sunny Leone & Rann vijay Singha In the Show Rajnandini decision was clear and this the final and last chance for every splitsvillians to standin in the dumping ground. Nikhil and mia on a safe zone, gurmeet, martina. Varun. Shreeradhe. karan khana, isha and abhishek they are survives in dumping and goes’ to finale. Stay Connected with us for more excited episodes and things specialy for you! watch and enjoy.


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