Saturday, 24 September 2016

म्ट्व Splitsvilla 9 24th September 2016 (Episode 18) Video Clip Watch Online

म्ट्व Splitsvilla 9 24th September 2016 (Episode 18) Video Clip Watch Online : Mtv Splitsvilla 9 24th Sep episode, Watch Splitsvilla 9 episode 18 video, mtv splitsvilla 9 episode 18 bumping jone, mtv splitsvilla 9 ex splitsvillans back 24th Sep 2016 video online, In this day the task between the boys and girls contestants there is no one can’t sfe form the next Dumping ground Nikhil and Mia managed the task to win and they are safe. After this Last Dumping zone elimination 24th September 2016 episode the next queen are selected for their further decisions. Varun Sood, Gurmeet, Shree Radhe, Karan Khanna, Martina they are the persons of Dumping zone Raanvijay has to add some twists through the coming of the ex splitsvillans on this show watch this show at 7PM on Mtv.

In the Finalists persons are the Rajnandini and Kavya Khurana but the Kavya is eliminated form the second dumping zone after that sexy Sunny leone has to be welcomes the Ex Splitsvillians on this show for making new twists and entertainments. Most of the contestents are arguments that the queen Kavya is the responsible for the few contestant eliminate ina dumping zone. The most Strong group in this mtv splitsvilla 9 episode 18 are Gurmeet, Kavya, Varun, Martina and Rajnandini will take a revenge form this group.

Rajnandini is supported by the princess Shree radhe and kavya had dupm to the Shree rade for the her connection with the Karan. Watch the latest episode of Mtv splitsvilla 9 24th-sep-2016 video and how the gurmeet get the spared at all in this splitsvilla season 9 with princess Shree radhe and she was get the advantages form the next game round where the task to challenge the queen and power to give and disadvantages to any princes of this show.

Don’t missed this hilarious episode of MTV Splitsvilla 9 Watch the princesses doing a great job of pissing Queen Martina ‘Hasi Toh Phasi’ task game Mia starts to tear down the villa Watch Mia and her raging anger the contestants. How to win the Kavya golden Bracelet on the episode of 18th spiltvilla 9 again and Sunny Leone givers the very useful suggestions to the boys for getting some advantages during the task or relations.


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