Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 2 First Luxury Budget VJ Bani Priyanka Jagga Video Watch

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 2 First Luxury Budget VJ Bani Priyanka Jagga Video Watch : Bigg Boss 10 Episode 2nd, Watch Bigg Boss Season 10 episode 2, 2nd Episode of Bigg Boss 10, Bigg Boss 10 Episode 2 video online, Don’t underestimate the power of common man or woman the game war has begun with contestants and they played a First Luxury Budget task challenge to win go further are you crazy these all celebrities or common persons. They divided a two group and compete to each other and also set their name Sevak or Malik group names one group has to cleaning the swimming pool and other one is cooking food on a house. This the first Nominations task and you can see who goes to a forward and who drop the bigg boss season 10 house.
Bigg Boss 10 18th October - Episode 2nd, At the first time both common and Celebes are competes to each other in front of hole Indian peoples on a single place very near together. Most of the Peoples are don’t know the rules of a Bigg Boss 10 on episode 2 is mandatory and anyone not follow to these rules then kill them = eliminate from the house. Tonight the game war is begins sequence as celeb contestants prepare for this First Luxury Budget.
Manoj Manu comment to a Karan Mehra for bread making and gossips and fight then Karan is trying to solve this matter. Priyanka and Vj Bani’s also fight together like catfight and dinosaurs after that priyanka crying. Omji Making is trying to make happy to everyone on the bigg boss 10 episode 2 show but fail. After the successful completion of a Bigg Boss nine this the most entertaining season and also the Double enjoyment shows Om Swami ji has entered house only to get insulted from the others.
Priyanka Jagga pagga is much irritating and she has no brain that said any one. According to you Who is best Bani or Priyanka. Salman Khan again tell the some principles of house to the commoners housemates or celebrity housemates don’t forget to watch this First Luxury Budget task takes place tonight and stay connected with us for more episodes updates.


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