Sunday, 9 October 2016

Bigg Boss 10 India Ise Apna Hi Ghar Samjo Episode 16th October Bigg Boss Season 10 Episode First Video Clip Watch

Bigg Boss 10 India Ise Apna Hi Ghar Samjo Episode 16th October Bigg Boss Season 10 Episode First Video Clip Watch : Bigg Boss 10 16th October 2016 watch video clip, Salman Khan Bigg Boss 10 episode first watch video clip online, Our favorite reality show bigg boss season 10 starts form this month October 16th, on colors at 9PM Just one week left for India's favorite reality show I can't wait for Bigg Boss 10 Being Salman Khan is ready to host another hit season ten of bigg boss are you excited to watch him stay connected with us for more regular updates. Bigg boss 10 is comes with latest drama or gaming seen with new common Indian contestants form all over the India. What happen next? How will become a captain of the house like previous season and how the new persons are living in the house of Bigg Boss 10 India Ise Apna Hi Ghar Samjo.
Bigg boss 10 Promo Slogan is 'India Ise Apna Hi Ghar Samjo' after many changes or team of channel or producers of bigg boss 10 are decided to changes the bigg boss slogan from previous to the now! slogan are finally decided to this Bigg Boss season 10 India Ise Apna Hi Ghar Samjo because in this season show producers or parties are decide to hire a new bigg boss contestants form all over the India and also a lock guys through a sending just your interview record on dvd or cd and send to the recruitment office of Bigg Boss 10. Most of the peoples are happy to this season of bigg boss where everyone can participate in this season Ten.

From the past ten years the reality tv bigg boss 10 show has gained more popularity in India and also outside of the Nation lot’s of Bigg Boss lovers from rest of the world and this season of Bigg Boss 10 are started from 16th October 2016 on colors at 9PM on words. Reporting time 8.55PM before the program is telecast on a channel and promo is start on the same time after the successfully completion of a ninth season this season is very different with the all over India local persons and also a different thing is that who these local peoples and how they look likes humans.

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 16 October Salman Khan also well prepared or all set requirements are done before the show started and the all promos of Bigg Boss 10 is already done to telecast for the audiences on a time. Peoples also mind to this how many bedrooms or rooms on a Bigg Boss house and how it’s look like a Kingdome or hut and where the new housemates are play the game is there is one or more swimming pool and small or a big garden etc. Super star Salman Khan host to give advices to the new housemates before entering into the house and also suggest the new rules or instruction of the Bigg Boss Season 10 House India Ise Apna Hi Ghar Samjo.

For more info’s stay connected with us and lot’s of entertainment with regular updates of Bigg Boss season 10, how the Bigg boss season 10 are started to finality winning end all the things are presented in front of you. Thanks.

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