Sunday, 2 October 2016

Mtv Splitsvilla 9 2nd Oct 2016 Video Clip | Splitsvilla 9 Episode 20

Mtv Splitsvilla 9 2nd Oct 2016 Video Clip | Splitsvilla 9 Episode 20 : Splitsvilla 9 2nd Oct 2016 episode video, watch mtv splitsvilla 9 episode 20 video clip the semi-final goli maar task!, splitsvilla 9 2nd October 2016 semi final task episode video watch online, Mayuri isn’t letting karan Khanna has hook any time and this semi final task is very disappointed for the Mia between the challenges of Martina & Mia both destroy to each other on this semi task final of the game. Gurmeet is not ready and choose to the task because he know why he waste his energy on this semifinal it save the energy for a final that he believes.

The Semifinal task is began for Varun, Martina, Nikhil and Mia they competete with make a team Nikhil and Mia, Varun and Martina, task is began Who do you think will win this task?. Mia starts very well in the task on the collection of a finding a ball’s form the sand musst then Mia is proving to be a super tough competitor against Martina. Watch the Mtv Splitsvilla 9 2nd Oct 2016 (episode 20) video clip other villans watch to see and say’s Well done Mia during the performance. Martina gets work on a different strategies and mia stolen her ball’s during the game varun calls to Martina game finish in time fast. Mia crying when Martina sit on her back! Big shocking all she will died or not and her hands are also locked by Martina.
Why this happen to me!!! Crying...
Full Task Video
Both girls finish a game ball collector in a time and goes to the fire shot level martina shoot well, Mia misses her 2 shot as well, finally Martina shoot all three balloons and she win the task and Varun or Martina have made it to the finals. Don’t wait just tune it now Splitsvilla 9 episode 20 video clip Mia is disappointed with the way things done by the Marina and blames to her unfair task done. All villans are routing for Martina and make some noises but Mia is standing with the other eliminated contestants.


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