Saturday, 8 October 2016

म्ट्व Splitsvilla 9 Grand Finale Episode 8th October 2016 Mtv Splitsvilla 9 Episode 20

म्ट्व Splitsvilla 9 Grand Finale Episode 8th October 2016 Mtv Splitsvilla 9 Episode 20 : Mtv Splitsvilla 9 grand finale episode video clip watch, Watch Splitsvilla 9 8th Oct 2016 video, MTV Splitsvilla 9 episode 20 grand finale video clip, The most ended final tasks are came and who will win this Splitsvilla season 9 watch at 7PM on Mtv and tune in now what’s happening next during the game task between contestants. Latest episode of Splitsvilla 9 where grand finale battle are begain Martina and Mia lakra has clash to fight game for winning villa. Finally Martina win the Splitsvilla 9 this season who’s are the Finale contestants and how they played on Splitsvilla 9 8th October 2016 episode there is so many obstacles and not easy at all the finalists are about to get their instructions carefully for during the obstacles of the game tasks.

Sunny leone warn to everyone on this task because in this game very dangerous or harmful physical challenges and both Martina or mia not to do easily to this. The show is going on a Finale position and there are the couple of loving connections who are looking to their perfect partner and crown to winning this night mtv splitsvilla 9 episode 20. Some of the Finalist contestants are Rajnandini, Kavya, Martina, Archie, Gurmeet, Varoon over all the contestants are looking fit for their doing game task but some of the strong contestants are beat to the week persons.
Shocked Nick doesn't get to perform in the finale Leone said its your opening what you do or not performed in this task or further performed on the Mtv Splitsvilla 9 8th October 2016 video clip watch. However the Grand Finale was only three queens and their miss connections on this completions and between Queen Martina, Kavya, Rajnandini are competed with each other also they secure there connection with the Gurmeet, Archi, Varun. During the task Gurmeet and Kavya merging their connections and to beating others for winning the game task.
May the strongest and most deserving contenders win the competition is very tough for these three contestants and how they reacts on this Splitsvilla 9 episode 8th Oct video clip watch the actual seen accrued on this show and who is performed according to their strength or weakness. Stay connected with us for more exciting episodes updates and lot’s of entertaining enjoyments thanks.

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